• Question: Is NOS4A2 going to be available at local comic shops (or big box bookstores or Amazon) after the fancy limited run? - collababortion
  • Answer:

    NOS4A2 will be out on April 30th, and will be available in bookstores everywhere. Some comic shops (such as Jetpack Comics, in Rochester, NH), will undoubtedly carry copies of the book as well. You will be able to order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from most other online markets. It’ll be out for Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, and every other eBook format. It will be available on unabridged audio, read by Kate Mulgrew. I don’t know if WalMart and the other box stores will carry it. In any event, Subterranean Press’s limited edition actually won’t be released until a couple months after the normal hardcover wide release.

    IDW Publishing will be releasing a 5-issue comic book next summer, titled WRAITH, which explores a place called Christmasland that figures prominently in the novel. That, of course, will be in your local comic store, as well as on digital platforms like ComiXology.

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