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I’m off for San Diego Comic Con this weekend, to do a series of appearances to support the film, the comics, and the books.

SDCC is crowded and crazed but for people who live in their imaginations, it’s pretty much wonderland. I’m delighted to be headed back for my fifth visit in the last 7 years.

Here’s my schedule as it stands now:



3 PM – HALL H: RADiUS-TWC showcase, previewing HORNS and EVERLY. I’ll be there with Daniel Radcliffe and director Alexandre Aja to show the amazing US trailer, a clip from the film, and answer questions. Selma Hayek and director Joe Lynch will also be in the house to show off their forthcoming picture EVERLY, which by all accounts kicks monster ass.

I saw the US trailer for the first time yesterday and have watched it roughly 19,000 times since. If you liked the leaked UK teaser, you’re gonna soil your pants when you see the American preview.



11 to 11:30 AM –  BOOTH #1029: Signing Books for HarperCollins. 

2:30 to 3:30 PM – ROOM 24ABC: “Talke & Key” with Gabriel Rodriguez and Chris Ryall. We’ll be talking about the conclusion of LOCKE & KEY, future projects, and Universal’s proposed LOCKE & KEY trilogy.

4:00 to 5:00 PM – BOOTH #2643 (IDW BOOTH): Signing with Gabriel Rodriguez.



11 AM to 12 PM - BOOTH #2643 (IDW BOOTH): Signing with Gabriel Rodriguez.

See you there, guys.


Time Out has a list of the 100 Best Sci-Fi movies here. They worked from a vast set of top 10 lists, offered to them by a mix of novelists, film-makers, critics, and scientists. I contributed one (right here: scroll down). I admit I wrote my list on the fly, after all of about seven minutes of thought… but with more time to think it over, I’m not sure there’s much here I’d change.


London • August.


US Teaser Poster.


Oh look. It’s a teaser!

This, again, is for the UK release on Halloween.

Update: And here’s a website.

Another update: And then it was gone. Along with the website. Huh. Mmmmaybe it wasn’t supposed to leak yet. In any event, glad those who got a look enjoyed it.


The UK Teaser poster, I believe.

(Should I say there might be some things hidden in this image? Oops, I just did.)

Photo Set


If you’d like to sign Bernie Wrightson’s Get Well card just click the link and I’ll make sure he sees it. http://www.groupcard.com/c/hBfBI-bMgEk

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Photo Set



Marvel Comics’ infamous No-Prizes

10-year-old me got one of these in the mail, after a rave-y (okay, near-futureserialkiller-y) fan letter I handwrote on double-spaced lined notebook paper. It went on for pages. And in return for my childish rantings and praise, Marvel sent me a blank postcard (this was past the point of when they were mailing out empty No-Prize envelopes; they switched to just postcards).

Again, I got a blank postcard as acknowledgment of my extreme fandom. And god, what a glorious day it was. That postcard said everything it needed to say.

How I do wish I had earned a No-Prize myself.

Source: marvel1980s

"Now I sit me down to write,
Help me get the words all right.
If I start to feel frustrated
I pray Lord get me unconstipated."

- The Writer’s Prayer, I think.